Day 2: Late start, then drizzle

I got a late start today, unfortunately the only pictures I have are screenshots of the weather forecast (50 mph complete with snide remark, thanks Carrot!), and of the route (thanks Bad Elf!).

Thanks to a wealth of feedback and mentorship from Society of Riders, I have finally overcome my fear of riding in the rain.

That, and I was freezing my fucking ass off and wasn’t about to stop.

The first half of the ride went smoothly, humming along between 80-90 MPH, but it was sunny and dry (I try not to go more than 10 MPH over the speed limit).

The second half was rain, well, drizzle. So I slowed to 10 mph under the speed limit. That was, until other motorcyclists, cars, and truck zoomed past me at the speed limit (80 MPH) or faster. So I brought it back up to the speed limit and didn’t have a problem.

When I got within 100 miles of the Red Roof Inn in Van Horn, TX, the temp was dropping down to the mid 50’s. I stopped for gas one last time, and I bought a coffee. Well, the coffee ended up being free. The guy behind the counter was probably thinking “What kind of dumb fuck rides a motorcycle in the rain?”

This dumb fuck. I’m a firm believer in riding the shit out of my bike.

Plus, this all makes me a bad ass. 🙂

Well, unless you see someone riding a wheelie across the whole US. The. Whole. Fucking. Country.

Compared to him, I’m a pussy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note to self…put on rain suit before it rains.

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