Day 6: Heloooo sun!

Today is an SPF 50 day.

Crystal blue sky and cheap gas!

Crystal blue sky and cheap food.

Today is a 300 mile day so I adjusted the route to pass the Edmund Perth Bridge at the Alabama River. #bloodySunday

Today was fairly event free, except for the beauty of the sky during sunset. Full moon and all. I took lots of little breaks and side trips, after 5 days of hauling ass and dealing with some rain. Consider today a rest day. 🙂


Day 5: Annie was right

The clouds finally gave way to sunlight. Not a lot, but enough to put the rain gear away. Got a late start today from Irving, TX, so it was about 2200CT when I got to Meridian, MS.

I needed to cover 500 miles, starting around Noon. I realized half way through today’s trip that I couldn’t see through my windshield.

Not ready to rinse Sucio down yet, so I used the bottle of Plexus I bought at CycleGear. It did wonders to the windshield, everything that was stuck to it came off without effort.

I made sure I wore my gloves so I didn’t get any of if on me (silicone product).


Pretty sad that this was the highlight of a boring day, ey?

But wait, there’s more!

Four more seedy hotels, and I get my fifth for free! 🙂

MyScreenshot_ 2018-10-21 at 05.50.43

On a sad note, the liner on my drink holder flew off. I’ll get it replaced once I’m in FL.