I’m forking shocked

This was also on my “kick the can down the road” list, but front shocks really should have been one of my first mods, along with the rear shocks. Not much to report here, except they weren’t cheap, but they make a hell of a difference in several ways.

First, the decision came down to Progressive Monotube Kit and Legend Axeo cartridges. The difference between the two, well, I rode both on different bikes, so no conclusive way to tell a difference.

So I relied on reviews on as many sites as possible. The Progressives had a handful of complaints, nothing earth breaking, but a little bit concerning. The Legend had only one complaint, that there is no way to adjust without disassembly.

Progressives were $400, and Legends were $750. I usually try to go with the cheaper choice, but the negative reviews for the former led me to go with the later. Whether there’s a difference between the two in terms of performance, I’ll never know.

But I’ll rest soundly knowing I went with the one that had the best reviews.


2 thoughts on “I’m forking shocked

  1. Highway 4 is pretty rough here. Both front and rear were “bouncy” before I replaced them with better shocks.

    Putting the Progressive 490 Sport shocks in the back taught me how rebound dampening mattered.

    Learned similar lesson adding Legend Axeo to the front, where the bike no longer dips when I hit the front brake, and the front end does’t “bounce” like it did before the upgrade.

    I’m pretty sure the Progressive front shocks would have been the same, but the negative reviews worried me.


  2. Hey Don, I too have been contemplating new shocks. Can you elaborate on hell of a difference? Also, do you have gaiters on outside the forks to protect from elements?
    Ride safe my friend.


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