Bye Sucio…Hiya Limpia

Before I head out this morning thought I’d share a picture of Limpia, who replaces Sucio. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you have all the details.

I’m having breakfast, before putting the sissy bar bag on and hitting the road again. So far I’m extremely impressed with the fixed fairing design. Not only is the bike easier to handle (once your brain processes how it works), but believe everything you hear about the brilliant air flow design.

Harley-Davidson did their homework and deserve kudos for putting to rest buffeting at high speeds. How effective is the design? How about my sending a feature request to the company to give us a “Hey asshat, slow the fuck down before you get a ticket! This isn’t a drag race ya know!” alarm if we go over 80.

When I picked up the bike around 3pm it was late enough to reset expectation on how many miles I would do the next day (today). My original 300-400 mile plan for a full day was supposed to become a 150-200 mile late day.

Thanks to all of Harley-Davidson’s wind tunnel work, I hit 270 miles without realizing it. It was starting to get dark, my only indicator that it was time to look for a cheap hotel to rest up for the next day.

I could have gone on another few hundred miles if it wasn’t so late. I was going 80 or so along the straightaways, with the (stock) stereo volume at 60%. I was jamming and singing along without any buffeting. I can’t believe the difference.

To be fair to traditional fairing bike owners, I test drove a few Street Glides before I ever tried a Road Glide. It was OK, I’m sure I’d invite a Street Glide to prom night over a Road Glide. Heck I would even bring a Street Glide home to meet the parents.

The Road Glide is a different animal. Your parents warned you about Road Glide. The one that corrupts your mind and soul. The one that has you doing crazy shit just because you can. The one that transforms you.

Will update later once I have a few hundred more miles on the saddle.