Limpio Has Entered The Building (Home Safe)

Limpio has entered the building, trip total for 21 days of riding (23 days if I count the 2 days spent on the shift linkage mechanical and trade up fix) is 7,087 miles total for the trip (6,117* miles on Sucio and 970* miles on Limpio).

This vacation was my longest ever, and I’ll never forget it. Thank you Florida for stupid labor laws. I plan to do this every year although it’ll probably be 2 weeks instead of 3.

“So like the new bike?” Has got to be the number one question asked in the past few days.

Ok, well the Road Glide was beyond imagination. 80-90 mph on stretches was so easy, with music too! Such a superior bike for longer, faster rides.

I need to add an adjustable H-D back rest (I’ll need it once the sissy bar bag is removed). Definitely need to get a 2″ higher handlebar (the sweep back grip angle made my wrist sore after a couple days). Not sure I need to get a taller windshield, since air flow is already excellent.

The Street Bob was enjoyable but at speeds up to 50-60 mph. Anything higher and I found myself holding my left arm across my chest to help eliminate buffeting. It can not be fixed with a larger windshield. It can not be fixed with side spoilers. A Batwing would have helped since as far as I know those don’t come with vents to cancel the vacuum, which is the root cause of buffeting.

Having tried both a Street Glide and Road Glide at highway speeds, I found that even though both models’ fairing have vents, only the Road Glide was comfortable at 80-90. I’m sure the Road Glide would have done better than the Streer Glide with side winds since the fairing is attached to the frame but I never got a chance to test that (read several reviews that mention that).

Do I wish I had both bikes? Yep. I won’t be using the Road Glide to commute. So I won’t put 16,000 miles per year on it. But I do plan to do a whole lot of riding, and that riding will be quality long distance stuff. Like the past few weeks.

Thanks to Jim Colley and Merle Fisher for letting me latch on for a couple days, and to so many other people who I met during the last few weeks, and for all the cheers and support here on Facebook. Kudos to every Harley-Davidson shop who helped me with supplies, service, parts, and advice.

Huge huge thanks to Kenny “BB” Waller at Rock City Harley-Davidson who tolerated my borderline shyster level negotiation. He actually saw me come in the previous day for a bandana, and had me pegged for a trade in. Karma is a thing. He saw me the next day when I had Sucio towed, and he read my mind on what bike I wanted. Aha! I see what he did! LOL

*Sucio’s miles don’t exactly align with Fuelly pics.

*Limpio had 4 miles when I bought it.