Scouting Tail of The Dragon (by Car)

If you’re reading my blog, you might remember a failed shift linkage on my 2016 Street Bob (FXDB) caused me to cancel the final leg of my three week vacation back in August. So I didn’t get the chance to do Tail Of The Dragon. On the bright side, I ended up trading up to a 2019 Road Glide (FLTRX). I planned to do it a few months ago but delayed the purchase due to my relocating to Florida.

I got home safely after the vacation, but the adventure wasn’t over. Unpacking the bike, I got careless and twisted my ankle in the garage. At first I thought I’d shake it off, but after a few hours I realized I needed to get it looked at. So I went for a bite and then headed to the Emergency Room. The doctor confirmed I had a broken Fibula, and had a nurse put a fiberglass half cast on my foot. The doctor gave me the name of a local Orthopedic Surgeon.

On the way home I wrestled with the idea of nominating myself for a Darwin Candidate award. I called Aetna, since I don’t usually take recommendations from hospitals I never went to. Aetna recommended someone in the area. After some researching found he was one of the most successful and popular Orthopedic Surgeons in the area. He put me into a walking boot, anticipating 4-6 weeks to heal (clean break). I wasted no time and purchased Amazon Prime so I could watch some movies, and treat myself to Mayans M.C. once it comes on.

Fast forward to this week. I took my final X-Ray, and went to DMV to pick up the tags for the new bike (which Rock City Harley-Davidson paid for). I had a few more vacation days to burn up before the end of the year, so decided to take them now. I’m heading out early tomorrow to scout ToTD by car. This way I can take advantage of the Fall weather, hoping the road isn’t covered in leaves. Wouldn’t want to my car to be taken out by one of those race bike adrenaline junkies.

Bed time…then up early, and 600 miles to ToTD. Along the way I’ll try to reign my desire to start modding the new bike. The two things I have in mind are Lower Fairings (HogWorkz) for protection against rain and rocks, and 12″ handlebars (KST Kustoms) because I need to go up a bit and the grip angles are causing wrist discomfort.