Scouting ToTD 6 Times

Piece of cake. In a car. Is it tough? Meh. There are much tougher roads in Simi Valley. 318 turns is tough, but the worst parts are not as bad as its rep. Still worth it though.

Definitely a tourist attraction, and a good ride to test your skills. If you take the right line around the turns, and you keep your head on a swivel, you should be fine. If you ride like an idiot you might be enshrined on the Tree Of Shame.

On one of the dry runs a tow truck was brought in to bring a bike up from roughly 60’ off a cliff. The rider climbed up and was crediting his air bag vest for saving his life. Hope to post the GoPro clips soon.

There are some interesting shops in the area, particularly the south end of ToTD. I rewarded my 2016 Honda CR-V with a Dragon US 129 badge. I just have to come up with a clever story about how I earnest earned it.

The ”YNP” badge next to it was from my last real vacation, when I bravely drove through the woods at Yosemite National Park, much to the chagrin of Park Rangers who tried in vain to stop me. I bravely defended myself against rabid man eating squirrels (I swear they were big!), and fought off waves of flying blood sucking penetrating drones (military code name MOS-key-toes).

There are some nice shops at the South end of ToTD. Don’t miss this one, apparently owned by Mister Dragon himself.

Not a fan of the insensitive “killboy” logo which is shockingly sexist, toxically masculine, politically incorrect, and seems to imply that the dragon will not killgirl.

I mean really, what would @AOC say?! Makes me want to retreat into my safe space! #tongueincheek

Found some interesting artwork at the South end of the road. I understand Mister Dragon has a penchant for eating plasticky South Eastern motorcycles (rice rockets). Apparently American Iron motorcycles taste too much like greasy chrome.

Here is a piece of today’s route. Not sure how to edit it down to just the ToTD road.