The Jamf National User Conference in Minneapolis is where everyone who manages huge numbers of Macs in enterprise goes for three days of sessions, training, collaboration, and of course swag. 🙂

I’ve been to all of them since 2011, except for the 2018 event, when I chose to relocate to Florida to fill a position we couldn’t find someone for.

This year’s event didn’t disappoint, it was fucking packed. The sessions were awesome, too bad we can’t clone ourselves to attend more than one at a time! Lunches were great with buckets of bacon on the side!

It was 17 degrees when I got off the plane. I figured I’d get by with a hoodie, and I was mostly right. Pitting Uber against Lyft to get the best rate and quickest pick up time, I didn’t spend more much time in the cold.

I purposely avoided the Hyatt Regency area, and stayed in a Ramada Inn. I’m a low maintenance guy, all I care about is having a buffet breakfast. They had exactly what I needed, including great coffee!

For next year, JNUC2020 will be held in San Diego in September. I plan to ride my motorcycle there. So it’ll be a mix of vacation and training. So excited looking forward to it!

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