Day 2: SC to VA (317 miles)

One thing for sure, Jeep Wrangler seats are not made for touring. I mean the front seats are (manually) adjustable and have lumbar support, but they are definitely not cushiony. If its any consolidation, I’m getting decent gas mileage.

Started the day at 41 degrees with 2,041 miles on the odometer. Took it easier today for my butt to recover. I found a cheap hotel that’s Harley-Davidson and Jeep friendly.

If you travel a lot, you’ve got to use Pelican Air luggage. Tough as heck, waterproof, and if you pack camping clothes you can pack enough for 4 days.

Got word from HaulBikes. They’re picking up my Harley-Davidson Road Glide is getting picked up tomorrow. If you’ve ever seen the inside of their trucks, you’ll understand why special equipment and care is needed to schlep an 840 pound motorcycle.

The bike’s front wheel is rolled into a steel bracket and the bike is strapped down using special motorcycle straps. No fork lifts or kickstands involved. #tongueInCheek

Gonna tune in to watch Ricky Gervais’ monologue at the Golden Globes before resting for tomorrow.

Todays route: