Day 4: Harrisburg, PA to Malvern, PA (84m)

Short trip, I know, but needed to rest for these final miles. I went too far the first three days, planned to do 250 miles per day, based on some input from friends who have gone long distances in Jeeps. I ended up doing 350 or so a day. I’m rested up now.

After doing research every night since I left, I ordered some LED headlights. Reading and posting to some Jeep forums, the most widely recommended headlights seem to be the Oracle Oculus Bi-LEDs. I’m not a fan of “halo” headlights, but the Jeep doesn’t have Daylight Running Lights (DRL), which isn’t safe. So DRLs are right up there with being able to see farther at night. So I’ll have to suck up the halo stuff.

No video for today, it was just an hour and a half. I’m finally here, gonna grab a cheap hotel and scout the areas. My temporary housing will be ready tomorrow (Jan 8).