Oh deer…LEDs are so much brighter

No, I didn’t hit a deer.

After a couple close calls during my FL to PA road trip, I researched LED headlights and ended up ordering them so they’d be there when I got to my final destination. Luckily I didn’t hit either of the deer, but I won’t need to take any chances anymore.

The headlights came in and after reading the instructions I figured install and wiring isn’t too hard so I went ahead and knocked it out in the parking lot of a local mall. Pretty pleased with the result.

Thanks to all the great input from JL Wrangler Forums, I saved some money and lowered the risk level of riding at night in the Jeep. The DRL (halo rings) stay on while the iginition is on. The LED projectors are powerful, have a very clean lighting pattern, and a very sharp cutoff. I’m a happy camper. 🙂

Will be seeing some apartments tomorrow, hoping to be settinged into peranent digs soon. I had a couple hours to kill so I went to look at one that was listed on Craigslist. It was built in 1860. The apartment is upstairs, and you need to go up a steel fire-escape style staircase. You share the garage with the owner of the building. The floors have 1″ holes leading to who nows where, guessing they’re pine knots.

The building manager was very cool. If it weren’t for the fact that this apartment is in an alley, and has no fire escape…myea. Nope.