70 degree day subwoofer wiring

I was so excited when I left work Friday afternoon. I had to take off my fleece jacket, I was sweating walking 300 feet to the Jeep. How can the weather shift so fast? Heck, I put down the top and took a nice meandering trip through the local suburbs, selecting the most twisty roads.

The 70° weather didn’t last though. I got home a couple hours later and it was 50°. I parked the garage and called it a day. That means tomorrow morning I’ll need to put the lid up, since the forecast calls for cool weather through the week. That should take all of 5 minutes.

The Rockford 8AWG wiring kit I needed to wire my sub came in. Now that I have all the wires and pieces I need, I plan to wire my Rockford Fosgate P300-12 subwoofer today. It’s a cheap sub, but its sealed and powered, so it sounds good and is convenient to install, and is easy to remove when I need the room. I removed it from my CR-V when I traded it in for the Jeep, leaving allthe wires behind (too much hassle to remove the wires).

I plan to run the power wire along the left side of the Jeep and through the firewall grommet. The audio-in and audio-volume wires will be run along the right. The ground wire can go on any of the D-ring tie downs in the cargo area. I’ll leave enough slack to move the sub around when I need to, and to make it easy to disconnect and remove the sub when necessary.

Once the sub is installed, I’ll start shopping for replacement speakers to improve the sound on the 8 stock speakers in the Jeep. They’re not very good, so for the same volume, better speakers will sound much better. I plan to stuff some polyfill into the holes to help dampen some of the resonance behind the stock speakers.

UPDATE: I got tied up with other stuff this weekend, so the work will be done next weekend. I’m off to Lowes to pick up a cordless/brussless drill now that Lowes dropped the price by 40%..