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Logitech MX Master 3…’nough said. After spending the last few evenings writing blogs and working on some scripts, I realize the Kensington SlimBlade Trackball bottom left button stopped working. Its three years old, so out of warranty. I tried operating on it to avoid spending money, but no luck. I’m heading to BestBuy to pick up a Logitech MX Master 3 and an DisplayPort cable now that I have a Dock that supports it.

I really wanted a track ball, but Kensingon’s quality control has slipped in recent years. While I gave their SlimBlade a shot, and tolerated it for a few years, it never felt right. The buttons were horrible, not verry tactile, and each click like I was clicking twice. I’ve officially stopped using that brand, since clearly their focus on profit has derailed their hard earned reputation. Bye Kensington.

I’ve used Logictech mice in the past, and they’ve always worked flawlessly. I never tried any of their high end mice, since I was using Kensginton almost exclusively. I’m not a fan of trackball-like mice that have the ball off to the side. What’s the sense of a trackball if you can’t flick the ball and have it fly across the screen, or flick to have the page scroll really fast.

I remember reading about the Master 2 update not being much of a big deal over the original. That said, you’ll find a bunch of really detailed Master 3 reviews on YouTube that made the decision easy for me. Lots of glowing articles out there too.

Aside from the obvious ergonomic shape, the ability to switch between computers over Wi-Fi; quiet buttons and a completely silent scroll wheel (when you disable the clicks); a USB-C port that’ll give you 3 hours of use after a 1 minutes charge. #QuickChargeFTW

Feels wierd typing this all on my laptop keyboard and trackpad. I’m not a bus, dammit. Ergonomics matter to me. Doesn’t make much sense using my DasKeyboard if I need to use the laptop trackpad. Oh well, off to BestBuy to pick up the mouse, and to get some fresh air, which is a commodoty today.

Having spent 4+ years struggling with my Samsung 4K monitor resolution, switching to a proper DisplayPort cable (from an HDMI cable) put an end to that nonsense. I’m finally getting crystal clear high resolution and refresh speed. I should have known better.

UPDATE: I found an article covering my most favoritest feature of all. Logitech’s new scroll wheel design is IMHO one of the biggest advances in mouse design in like forever:

Logitech’s MX Master 3 scroll wheel is focused hardware at its best

[UPDATE] If your computer is encrypted, your wireless devices won’t work at the FileVault 2 preboot screen. So you’ll need to use your laptop’s keyboard and trackpad to get to the macOS Login Window. Or if you have a desktop computer, a wired mouse and keyboard. Logitech provides a USB-A receiver, which is pretty useless when your MacBook Pro only has USB-C ports.