BestBuy? Not really

Now that I upgraded to a newer MacBook Pro that has USB-C ports (only), I came to the realization that my many super fast USB3.1 thumb drives are now old technology. I need to get rid of them before someone finds out I’m behind the curve on thumb drives.

Since I bought a CalDigit dock, with all of the high speed ports it has, I knew transferring the data from the old thumb drives to the new ones would be fast and easy. Now I just need to decide what USB-C thumb drives to buy.

I went with 64GB Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C thumb drives, which are rated at 120MB/s, to match the size of the old thumb drives. They came in two days after I ordered them from BestBuy.

When I unpacked the envelope, I noticed two of the four new thumb drives had a sticker covering up the “Made In China” stamp. The lables were the kind you couldn’t remove. Wow, someone went through the trouble to do this, when it really doesn’t matter.

How annoying. Trivial? Yes. But annoying. I hate liars. I really do.

Transfer speed from the old thumb drives to the new thumb drives averaged close to the rated 120MB/s per second. The old thumb drives were rated at 180MB/s. Not bad really.

If I had to do this again, I probably would have bought a couple more SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. But the reason for picking the new thumb drives was because its what we use at work. This helps set expectation performance wise.

Hmm…wait…did I forget to wipe these things down before I opened them? I must be losing my mind with all this quarantine crap. Finding trivial stuff to write about. Maybe I should get out more. Maybe I should be more like Jack Black…