Manic Monday

Here are all the pictures I took of the Jeep the day of the accident.

So I got up early this morning to coordinate with Geico, insurance adjuster, Enterprise Rent A Car, Uber (well really a retired couple), the towing company (PA State Police moved from impact spot to tow lot), and if there is time the PA State Police (copy of police report), and my local Jeep dealer.

Geico and I took turns trying unsuccessfully to get through to the nearest Enterprise Rent a Car, finally got through. They’re not “picking up” customers, so I needed to get an Uber driver (the retired couple; awesome company on rides!). Drove away in a Hyundai Elantra. #meh

I arrived at the tow lot, transferred my belongings, ezpass, license plate, YET, tools, etc., from the Jeep to the rental. Called Geico, they scheduled a tow company to bring the Jeep to Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps on Tuesday morning.

They told me not to bother with the PA State Police, since I’m at fault and the other driver’s insurance company will contact them. They asked me to upload all the photos, so I’m doing that now. Thank you Apple for AirDrop! Uploading through the Geico iOS app is like being humped by a fierce arctic moose. #justSaying

Tomorrow (Tue) is a big day. I’ll find out if the Jeep is a write off, or if it’ll be fixed. If Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps says it can be fixed, I trust their judgement. If the adjuster says so, I’ll probably crawl into a ball and cry. The thought of crawling over boulders in a Jeep that had it’s frame welded back together is scary. Fingers crossed, my life is in their hands!

Given the off chance that the Jeep might be written off, I went to Jeff D’Ambrosio and picked one out and put a refundable deposit on it. Its the same exact Jeep. But its Red. And it has a remote lock key fob and speed sensitive auto door locks. And it has a hard top with tinted windows. And it has has power-heated windows, heated leather steering wheel, and water proof heated front seats. And it has automatic LED headlights, fog lights, tail lamps, and interior lights. And it has climate control, HomeLink, blind-spot and cross-path detection. And it has a 7″ CarPlay head unit. And it has auto headlamps. And it has 17″ allow wheels. And it has a security alarm. Otherwise, its exactly the same as the old Jeep.

Geico told me I could take the side steps off my Jeep since it was after market. I can take the tires off, but the new jeep has 17″ wheels, so I’m going to try to swing a deal to give them back the OEM 31″ tires, so I can sell the 33″ Nitto A/T tires (they have <1,000 miles on them). I’ll need to bring them the back bench seat, which I took off on day one, and I plan to do the same on the new Jeep.

That is, if the Geico adjuster cares about my health and well being, since, well, you know, welding a bent/cracked frame on a vehicle designed to go over boulders (oh, and some mall crawling) is dangerous. #fingersCrossed

I will know more tomorrow, after I get my left hand x-rayed.