And then came Tuesday

Tuesday was spent on the phone and on the internet, trying to sort out all the stuff I need to do. The worst time to make financial mistakes is when there’s an accident. I know the next few days are going to be challenging.

I spent most of the day chasing down the tow truck driver to get a status update. As of late afternoon, he is still on his way from the tow lot to the shop (Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps). I didn’t ask, but I’m guessing the tow truck is actually a car hauler that has more vehicles on it than just my Jeep. If that’s the case the Jeep may not get to the shop today.

I called the auditor so I can prepare on my end. This can end up being a repair, or a write-off, with different action items for me depending on how things play out. This way I can prepare now instead of being reactive later.


If the Jeep is repairable, the Adjustor and shop will work together on what needs to be repaired. I already know the after market lift is going to be out of pocket, which sucks, since I’d only need to replace the front half of the kit. Its possible the right headlight might be busted, another half kit needed there. The tires look good. Its a good thing I stuck with the cheap OEM steel wheels.


If its a writeoff, Geico pays the bank the value of the Jeep, and my GAP insurance covers the cost between value and the amount outstanding on the loan. I checked with the Jeep dealer on how the insurance and bank would play out. I can start the process of getting a loan for the new Jeep the dealer is holding for me. Apparently this is not an uncommon scenario, and as long as you have good credit, the new car would amount to a day at the dealer. Thankfully I have excellent credit (though not a member of the 800 club yet).

Its 5PM – so what now?

I logged on to to pay off the two citations. I was able to pay off one of them (failing to stop at a stop sign), but for some reason the second citation (careless driving) requires a check or money order to be mailed to them. Who uses checks or money orders?! I called the Magistrate and confirmed I’ll need to use mail for the second citation. I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow.

Geico confirmed my medical coverage will take care of the x-ray. So I’m trying to find a local diagnostics place that can take walk-ins. I called Aetna so they’re aware of what’s going on, even if they’re not involved. Its good that they know. Luckily there’s no medical deductible for Geico.

I check in daily with the folks at work so they know what’s going on. I hate that this is happening when we’re short staffed, and during the COVID fiasco. But that’s what PTO is for, though I wish this didn’t happen so I can use my days for my Summer road trip. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯