Good news Wednesday

The good news is my left hand is not broken, but likely sprained. #iceIceBaby

The Adjustor pinged me to confirm the shop (Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps) can repair the Jeep. That’s a huge relief, since they’re the experts when it comes to Jeeps!

Now we wait to see what I need to buy so the shop can restore the front end so it is lifted and has quick releases, control bar, geometry correction brackets, etc.

Offroad Consulting contacted me when they heard about the accident, offering to send me a refund. #nuhUh I asked them to hold the 201 class fee, since I plan to attend once the Jeep is back on the road. I was sooo ready for the class this past Sunday! 🙂

Here’s a pic showing how swollen my left hand was earlier in the week. The swelling is mostly gone, and I can finally grab a coffee cup with it.

I figure in another week or two it’ll be back to normal. If I had to ride my Harley-Davidson Road Glide, wouldn’t be able to right now, wouldn’t be able to use the clutch.