Looking back at Sunday

So here’s what I remember happened on Sunday. When I missed the Stop Sign, I hit an oncoming vehicle. The Black vehicle is my 2020 Jeep Wrangler, and the Grey vehicle is the 2018 Jeep Cherokee that I hit.

I was asked why the air bags in my Jeep didn’t deploy, and why was there no broken glass. The only answer I can think of is that I was going slower than the other vehicle, coming off a smaller side road where the speed limit is lower than the main road the other vehicle was traveling in. And then there’s the spin factor. 🙂

When impact occurred, my Jeep’s front bumper absorbed the impact, and the angle of impact sent me into a tail spin. I remember sitting straight up and not being tossed around, I was close to center mass of my now spinning Jeep. I remember having to put my left hand back onto the steering wheel while I was spinning. This might explain why it was swolen, getting yanked off the steering wheel.

When the Jeep came to a stop, I ending up pointing in the same direction I was heading in. Basically I did a 360 spin. Bizarre and lucky.

From the looks of it, my front fender impacted the other vehicle just behind its front left wheel. The other vehicle’s driver door got completely bashed in, about 6″ from its original position. If you notice the forward edge of the other vehicle’s driver door, that’s where my front bumper got caught, sending my Jeep into a tail spin.

The other vehicle’s driver door hinges were destroyed. Its lock was disengaged, making it easy(ier) to pull the door out by hand. So it wasn’t adrenaline that let me yank the door out, it was mechanical failure. So no, I did not become the Hulk. #egoSad

The other vehicle ended up in the ditch, the illustration shows my best guess on how it got there. If I were the other driver, my reflex would have had me steer away from the impact. Guessing since the airbags in the other vehicle deployed, the driver had no idea he was going into a ditch.

Anyway, that’s what I remember. I could be off. But the pictures support the theory. Now I wait for the estimate to come in. I expect to have to buy the lift kit all over again, and pay to have the front half of it (re)installed.