Geico called…and an epiphany

I got a call from Geico. It looks like their (remote) estimate is roughly $1,700. However that’s based on a very vague look from each of the four corners of the vehicle. The Adjustor told me its up to the shop to see if there is any more damage that can’t be seen by a remote Adjustor based off of the four pictures.

Well, if we break that down, it means Geico’s Adjustor is really just estimating, while Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps (the shop) is going to give the true analysis of damage. At the end of the day, I just want my Jeep repaired and safe. 🙂

I logged in to my Geico account and found the above info. I guess we just wait for Geico and the shop to discuss/agree. I trust both, but will have fingers crossed.

On a side note, once I get the Jeep back, I’m going to jump on the next Offroad Consulting 201 class, so I can keep momentum on my completing both training sessions. I don’t expect to further modify the Jeep, but then, well, I said the same about my old Harley. Seems like my first vehicle is just a warm up for the next one. 🙂

I should mention I went to the local Urgent Care and had my left hand x-rayed to see if we can figure out why its still not strong enough to grip. While picking out a featured image for this post, I think I had an epiphany.

The front right wheel tire had to have been caught in the impact. Not sure if my Jeep has a steering stabilizer, if so I might upgrade. I think the steering wheel spun to the left due to the impact.

How could that have injured my left hand? Imagine your right hand Karate chopping your left hand in between your thumb and pointer finger. Just a guess, while I wait for Urgent Care to respond with their second opinion.