Bro…do you even lift?

Tires and parts are all in. I’ll drop the Jeep off at Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps in the evening, they’ll do the work the next day, then the following morning I’ll pick it up. #excited

Having completed Offroad Consulting‘s 101 and 201 classes, the later had a taste of the Blue trail, I’m confident the new kit will enable me to hit the Blue trail in the coming weeks.

While AOAA and Rausch are great offroad parks, I’m on the hunt for more.

BFGoodrich KO2 (285/70R17) [delayed 1wk to get this new size]

Tire size calculator URL:

American Expedition Vehicles 2.5″ lift

Performance Series 2.0 Smooth Body Ifp Stabilizer [UPDATE these are out of stock so might change to another]

Quicker Disconnect End Links

Synergy Hub Centric Wheel Spacers – Red 1.75:

Took plenty of Before pictures, it’ll be interesting to see the difference.

And yes, this time I will *immediately* report the mods to Geico, so I don’t end up having to out of pocket all the parts and work all over again.