So 285/70R17 it is!

Lift got pushed back by a week, Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps is flooded with business now that COVID restrictions have loosened. They’re worth the wait. 🙂

As it turns out the biggest tire size that’ll give enough clearance to get in and out of my garage is 285/70R17. That’s the size I had on the soft top Jeep that I totalled a month and a half ago, which had 285/70R17 Nitto Grapplers. Since I now have a hard top, pretty sure we’ll be good with that size.

I updated my previous post, but here is the comparison between the OEM size 245/75R17 and the new 285/70R17:

Someone turned me on to a site that gives you more technical info on the wheels and how they’ll sit under the vehicle. The new size will have more width (a plus given how BFG KO2 have much befier sidewalls). The OEM wheels have 44..45mm offset, and given how the lift and tire size match the last Jeep’s mods, I’m sure I’ll be totally happy with the end result.

My 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport S has 3.45 gearing, which should be fine with the new tires. #tongueInCheek

Read on that if you go up too much, and don’t adjust your wheel size (tazer or flash), you won’t ever get to 8th gear on the automatic. Luckily the lift kit includes a flash.

The Rubicon model comes with a 4.10 gear ratio which and 287/70R17, and Dana 44 axles front and rear. The Wrangler Sport comes with 3.45 and Dana 30 (front) and Dana 35 (rear) which appears to be to small to move up to 4.10.