July 4th quick getaway

Bummed that my lift installation has been delayed by a week (back ordered tires), so I figured I’d go out on a weekend getaway. I didn’t want to go too far, but I did want to be away for two days (at least). I had two places in the area I wanted to see. Three Mile Island and Bethlehem Steel. Lets avoid highways along the way. Why not.

Early Friday morning I packed a change of clothing and bathroom stuff in my Pelican Air 1535, and tossed it into the Jeep. I filled my RTIC 20 Cooler (a rebranded Yeti 20 Roadie) with half a dozen bottles of 20oz water, some bottles of apple and orange juice, some sammishes, and some yogurt

Three Mile Island is the other place I wanted to visit, near Harrisberg, PA. It opened in 1978 but had a meltdown in 1979. The whole place shut down last September, but official completion isn’t until 2053. I wasn’t able to get past the sign, and I was too lay to try to cross the river to get pics. So all I got a pic of the lousy sign. 🙂

On the way out of Harrisberg and on the way to Bethlehem, I pulled off the highway to look for a bathroom. Who would’ve thought I’d find a Cabela’s right at the exit! They have a bathroom!

Two hiking shirts secured for my next trip, I was soon back on the road.

Allentown (by Billy Joel) was mainly about the Bethleham Steel plant that closed down in 1995. I’ve always wanted to visit the plant, but as it turned out it was cordoned off for the July 4th weekend. I did manage to take a few pictures. Just didn’t get a chance to go inside the plant. Bummer

I saw a couple things along the way, like the home of Bridadere General Joseph F. Knipe, who I never heard of and I’m sure nobody gives a crap about. I stopped by South Point Marina since they had some food trucks there.

Not a very exciting holiday weekend, even if finally getting the chance to see Bethelem Steel plant was cool. Bad timing I guess.