Prep for Sturgis & Moab

When it comes to Sturgis, you’ve got to plan in advance. Way in advance. Like a year in advance. Like I need to start planning Sturgis 2021 now. 🙂 So here I am, preparing for Sturgis 2020, while planning Sturgis 2021. If that’s not ironic, who would’a thunk that I’d be going to Sturgis 2020 in a Jeep. #damnedCager

My left hand isn’t 100% from my May car accident. I gave all my motorcycle buddies a heads up that I’m caging this year. A couple invited me to drive behind their group as sort of a Support and Gear (SAG) vehicle. It would actually be more of a “watch our backs” vehicle, since I can’t put much more into my two door Jeep.

Cobra 29 LTD Classic

Thanks to Quadratec’s excellent mount, the CB Radio is finally installed. The Teraflex antenna mount is very rugged. I put a spring at the antenna’s base. Running the coax cable turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I ran it through the tailgate grommet, then hid it under panels and carpet. Took about two hours. Jeep makes it very easy to run wires, I’m impressed.

When I have a chance I’ll replace the CB Radio’s accessory power adapter with the wire that runs to the fuse box. I hate anything that sticks out of an accessory power socket, and hate exposed wiring even more. I ended up hanging the the RoadKing RK564P noise cancelling mic on a GearKeeper CB Mic Keeper. I was worried it would swing around bouncing off stuff, but it was quite steady.

The Jeep is all packed. Camping gear, wicking t-shirts, undies, socks, severs east to wash vented shirts and a couple pairs of cargo shorts. Some rescue gear, some weather gear, and of course my Yeti packed with ice, fluids, and some snacks. I don’t cook on the road, too much of a hassle for this small Jeep. If I had a four door, I definitely would go all out and cook on the road.

Regarding capturing video, I learned my lesson last year. I had high hopes for some great GoPro footage, but never got the hang of how to set it up so it was on when I wanted it to be on. This year I’ll rely more on my Garmin 46 Dashcam, since it always comes on when the Jeep is on, and turns off when the Jeep is off. It has fairly decent resolution and quality. I’ll use the GoPro when I get to areas that make it worth the trouble.

I had a long list of sights last year, but I kept running into old friends, so missed half of them. This year I’m not going to stress the need to see the sights. This vacation will be to relax and enjoy the drive. I’ll be taking some pictures and video, but that won’t be my goal.

I cleared out the fridge, took the garbage out, pretty much set for an early morning departure. Not exactly sure what route I’m taking to Sturgis, but now that I live in PA, there are fewer reciprocity friendly states, so I’ll be avoiding states that don’t honor my CHL. With that said, I have the two requisite lock boxes in the rear of the Jeep in case I have to travel through a non reciprocity state.

Reciprocity Map

After a few days at Sturgis I’m going to Moab…more to come. 🙂