Moab Aug 12th thru 16th

After the local Jeep dealer “fixed” the problem mentioned in my last post, off I went to Moab. I did:

Hell’s Revenge twice. Once with a Gladiator rider. Didn’t know about Hell’s Gate then. Then on the second trip I was prepared to do Hell’s Gate! But the spotter didn’t think it was a good idea since I didn’t have 35″ tires, and I didn’t have at least a rear locking differential. Hell’s Gate is optional on this trail. #nextYearDagnabbit

Fins And Things twice. Once with a group, with some difficult parts bypassed. Then I went on my own and did the whole trail. I stopped at the difficult parts to pick my lines.

Poison Spider once. I was solo, so there were a couple (ok a few!) spots listed as optional, so I bypassed. Next year it’ll be on my list.

Gemini Bridge once. It was listed as easy or moderate, depending on the source. I found it to be in between, mostly easy, but a couple spots that might be considered moderate. Jeep doesn’t offer a badge for this trail, since its not difficult enough. #fineFineFine

I learned a few things on this trip:

  • Most air compressors suck, unless its at least an ARB dual compressor with a tank.
  • The trick to disconnecting/reconnecting your sway bar links is finding a flat place to park.
  • Garmin DashCams beat GoPro for wheeling. 🙂 #sorryGoProNotSorry
  • savings tip…pay for additional nights after 12 noon. #halfPrice
  • 35″ is a must for the harder trails, though I held my own with 285s.
  • I no longer have to Google for “Petroglyph”.


First day at Moab.Went on Hell’s Revenge with a Gladiator wheeler. Bypassed Hell’s Gate (which I didn’t know existed.


Went on Hell’s Revenge again, this time determined to do Hell’s Gate, however our spotter told me he wouldn’t recommend it unless I had 35″ tires and at least one locking differential.

Regarding locking differentials, I think that’s a very old mindset, from before limited slip differentials became a thing. #whatever

Some guy with a JLU full of kids.


I decided to do Fins And Things on my own, so I could stop to take pictures.





On the way bac, home I jumped onto Route 66 a few times. But it was mostly deserted due to COVID, though gas stations were mostly open.

At one gas station I asked a truck driver about the tires he was hauling:
“Will those tires fit on my jeep?” – Me
“Yes, but the lift might set you back a pretty penny.” – Truck driver

On the way home I *finally* found an off road store (Desert Rats in Albuquerque, NM), that had the kit I wanted. I got it at a substantial discount (veteran, club memberships).