Bumper/tire carrier, fridge, and storage

When I was shopping for a rear bumer/tire carrier, I had some pretty bad experiences with the usual online vendors. I decided to look for a reputable fabricator. My requirements were simple. Two mount points to distribute the load, and provisions to mount a Hi-Lift and two RotoPAX fuel containers.

I asked around, and a couple friends gave glowing recommendations for Robert of DirtWorx. I made a call, told him what I was looking for, boom…he is fabricating one for me that covers the above. Hand made in the USA baby!

While I wait for Robert to do his magic, I’m working on the cargo area. I need storage and a fridge on a slider. After asking some experienced overlanders, I decided on a Dometic CFX3 35 fridge. It is sitting on my counter, keeping snacks cold until I get it mounted in the Jeep. Great design, very good power management, and it comes with an iOS app to manage/monitor the unit.

For storage a few recommended IronMan4x4 twin drawers. After comparing with other options, they sure have a great reputation for being durable, and the price is right. They’ll arrive on Tuesday. The only gripe I have is, they don’t make “wings”. So I’ll need to come up with a clever way to seal the left and right sides, between the unit and the cargo walls.

For the fridge slide, I just need something that’s strong and locks securely. Little did I know the same company makes sliders! I was happy to see they make the perfect slider, and again, the price is right. This is one accessory that has to be right. The above storage unit has a 220 pound capacity. The Dometic fridge is 37.5 pounds. Sounds like this setup is going to be fine.

More to come…