ARB Dual Compressor relocated…finally

I bought a portable ARB portable dual compressor (CKMTP12) when I was at Moab last year (because spending 2 hours airing back up with a cheap compressor is silly). I recently converted it to an on board unit (CKMTA12), mounting it under the passenger seat. Very pleased with the result. Its out of the way, and the air hose is plenty long enough to reach all four tires. A buddy is working on a four hose solution, so I can fill all tires at once.

ARB’s kit is very well designed, however if you start with a CKMTP12 (portable) unit, you’ll need to buy a hose with ends that point in opposite directions. Since the CKMTP12 has a hose with ends that face in the same direction. As we all know (ok, I now know), you can’t twist these hoses. I tried to MacGuyver the cables, but was advised to just get the right cable cut.

I asked Main Line Overland about getting a hose for the new setup, and they recommended Kelly Industrial Supply. They did an awesome job, the custom cut hose did the trick! $40 and it took 10 minutes. 🙂

Now I’m waiting for some 10 AWG wiring to come in. Before our property manager got The Hub installed, a good number of our Amazon orders got returned. I have high hopes that problem is now resolved.