Fridge And Storage

After researching available medium sized camping fridge options, I decided on a Dometic CFX3 35 fridge along with their fridge slider. It is sitting on my kitchen counter, keeping snacks cold until I get it mounted in the Jeep. Great design, excellent power management, very modern…it comes with an iOS app to manage/monitor the unit.

For storage, I wanted the most storage space I could get for the dollar. I decided to get an IronMan4x4 twin drawer kit. An Austrailian company with a reputation for being durable and not expensiv. The unit weighs 135 pounds, and the drawers are rated at 220 pounds each. I have no intent to pack these drawers. One will hold my recover stuff and tools, and the other drawer will store my kitchen and first aid stuff.

Its cold out, so these bad boys won’t get installed for a while.