Jeep Jamboree – Rubicon 2021

Jeep released their Jeep Jamboree Rubicon Trail requirements for 2021. As expected, they now require 35″ tires, and both front and rear lockers. I knew about this, which is why I upgraded my axles to Dana44s, and I bought a used set of 35″ tires.

Some of the requirements seem extreme. I get why GMRS is a must, and CB is being kicked to the curb. Saw that coming for years now. But restricting Jeeps to 1997 or later just seems so incredibly wrong. Many of my wheeling buddies are pissed, and I can’t blame them.

Here’s a link to their event page:

Rubicon Trail is the toughest trail in the US, it is the only trail rated a 10. That means a lot. Though I struggle to come to terms with how Jeep can cast out the majority of their loyal customers.

I get it. Liabilty. Wait. Rubicon is a 10. Scratch that.