Applied Powder & Coatings

I spent a few weeks looking into the different options for getting my DirtWorks bumper and tire carrier cleaned and coated. Some of my wheeling buddies suggested looking at Line-X. I’m familiar with that type of coating, but I wasn’t crazy about how that would look on the bumper and tire carrier, though it is an attractive and durable finish.

I really wanted to get it powder coated, so I started looking around for local powder coating shops, hoping the shop can handle the size and weight of the bumper and tire carrier. I found two nearby shops. One of them had a website that had no real information other than “call”, so I did, and as expected I got a ridiculously high botique style estimate. Sorry, not interested in high end cash grab shops.

The other place I found is Applied Powder & Coatings is in Media, PA. They have a useful site, so far so good. I called them and someone picked up right away, that’s good, very responsive. After a few minutes on the phone, they gave me a rough estimate for price and turnaround. I strapped the bumper down to the cargo area, wishing I had installed the platform sooner, and off I went to drop off the bumper.

So I dropped off the bumper and tire carrier on Thu, Dec 31st. The estimate was spot on, so I left figuring I’d hear from them in a couple weeks.

On Wed, Jan 6th, they called me to let me know the bumper and tire carrier were “in the oven” and would be ready for pickup at 0730 today, Thu, Jan 7th. I was both excited and bummed. I took the day off to install my new platform, but didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to use it so soon! I ended up taking today off to pick up the bumper and tire carrier and to have it installed. Trying to schedule these things during the week is rough, and weekends are out.

I got to the shop around 0800. The bumper and tire carrier were at their loading dock, ready to go. I’ve got to tell you I was excited. When I got up close, I was very impressed at the quality of their work. From every angle the thing looked like it just rolled off the assembly line. This is the first time I’ve ever had anything powder coated. Now I know what all the hubub is about!

They graciously helped me load it into the back of my Jeep which now has the new platform installed. It was so easy to secure, so happy I chose that platform.

The guys at Applied Powder & Coatings are down to earth professionals. They love what they do, and it reflects in their work. They took the time to explain the process to me, showing me some of the different textures and colors they offer. If you ever need something powder coated, you can’t go wrong with this shop. They’re straight shooters, and they have fair prices and turnaround times. Highly recommended!

On the way home I stopped at a diner to have a late breakfast. Thank you Governor Wolf for loosening the state’s lock down rules. While I was eating I looked for a local shop that can handle the install. I was going to look over the weekend, didn’t expect the powder coating to be done so fast. I found one just a couple blocks away. Nice family shop, friendly people. They’re working on the install now.

More to come…