Rugged Ridge Fender Flare Redux

After contacting Rugged Ridge’s parent company OMIX-ADA, to alert them of the fender issues, they sent me a replacement set of Daylight Running Lights (DRLs) for their Rugged Ridge 11640.51 Max-Terrain Fender Flares for 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL.

Today I carved out some time to replace the DRLs, only to find they sent me the same exact part numbers. Geez, man, really? I went to Home Depot to get some dielectric grease, to hopefully glase over the spot where the wires come into the body.

I also got instructions this time, which explains how to deal with the relay and wires. I don’t think the relay and wires will corrode anymore, since the heat shrink encapsulates the relay and wires, and I used a ton of electric tape to fend off any water getting in.

I took the opportunity to replace the crappy plastic clips that FCA decided was a good idea, or a way to cut corners on fender mounts. American Adventure Lab (AAL) makes the perfect solution, easy to install, and they even strengthen the fender flares. Brilliant design, highly recommended.

Ever since I installed my wheel well liners, I lost the ability to use my JKS Quicker Disconnects’ upper mounts, so today I upgraded my JKS sway bar links. I replaced the upper threaded posts with stainless steel quick release posts. I also replaced the red grease caps after greasing them up. Good as new.

I was grungy after the DRLs were done, so I decided to finally respool my winch cable. I did so using my body weight, probably would have been better to use a tree. The cable is neat again, ready for Moab/Rubicon in June. 🙂