New Shoes at 4WP

After spending a few months rolling with a used set of 35s, I decided it’s the right size for my June trip to Moab>Rubicon. They were mud terrain which made them super gripping off road, but were loud and not great on the road.

I saved up a few months and finally plunked down on a new set of wheels and tires. I love BF Goodrich KO2 tires, my OEM wheels still have them. They’re awesome on and off road. Though not great in mud, they get the job done. Picked up five of them at 4WP in Carlisle (35×12.50×17).

For wheels I went with basic alloy. Pro Comp Series 7069 wheels (17×9) with Pro Comp 8 spline keyed lug nuts. I’m not into bling, these wheels look nice and low key. Matte black.

I saved 24 pounds of rotating weight per wheel which is huge. They are quiet, where the old ones sounded like an Abrams M1 tank! They’re also better gas mileage wise, 3 mpg from the trip back from from the shop. Not to mention instant *and* mail in rebates saved me about $40 per tire.

Next will be re-gearing, from 4.10 to 4.56.