Day 0 – Packing the Jeep

I packed the Jeep. Stuck to my packing list. Yes, I resisted bringing the kitchen sink. Can’t wait until the winch is installed, that’ll give me more room. Haven’t put water into the container yet. Just realized I could have taken the ends of the front steel bumper off. I’ll do that when I’m in Moab. All in all, a HUGE increase in space, AND my approach is much more weight concious.

Packed and ready to go

Stopped for gas, saw a CAT Scale sign, why not get my gross weight while I’m here and the tank is full. 5540, that’s 260 under the GVWR. I’ll save another 100 (?) when I remove the rear seats (ran out of time). The new Jeep already has steel bumpers, and has a 21 gal tank (vs 15), so unlikely I’ll ever go over GVWR with the JLUR.

I noticed Jeep fixed the door leak issue, where you got a waterfall when opening the door on rainy days. I guess it was a good thing that it rained on Saturday, or I probably wouldn’t have noticed. This must be new on the 2021s.

As always my route will avoid states that don’t recognize my Pennsylvania concealed carry permit, hoping to avoid the PITA factor. The blue colored states have a reciprocity agreement with PA, the read ones don’t.

Reciprocity FTW!

That’s fine, I’m concentrating on Arizona, Southern California, Utah, Colorado, and maybe Texas. I plan to do some trails in southern California, around Big Bear. Rubicon Trail is most likely not going to happen since there’s still snow there, and since the new Jeep is all stock (just adding a winch in the coming days).

I was a le to transfer over (from the old Jeep) the Dometic Hard Wire Kit, and the ARB Dual Compressor under the passenger seat. So the fridge is cold, and I’m able to air up/down. Two priority items. 🙂

I left the Murder Spork, Axe, and Hi-Lift, since I didn’t have time to get secure mounts for them. I also left the spot and flood lights behind, since installing them would require more work.

I want to use the AUX switches built in to the new Jeep. Much work left to do, some of it will be done during this trip, some once I’m back.