Day 1 – 4 Wheel Parts Rocks

Payload of gold

Number 102 of 500

On my way to 4 Wheel Parts, I found myself trailing this cool Tonka truck. After two miles, he turned into the same log I was going to. We were both getting work done. Awesome collectable, very, limited run from 2014, very rare.

Winch disappears into Rubicon steel bumper

The winch mounted in the Rubicon steel bumper looks awesome. I do need to replace the hook with something less clumsy looking. Its a Warn VR EVO 10S. Yes, I went with synthetic instead of steel. Why? Weight. #yeaThatsTheTicket


I’m gonna guess this is an eCar charger. I’m also gonna guess the guy behind him might have to whip out a golf club and go all Jack Nickleson on him if he takes any longer.