Day 4 – Desert Rat

I knew if I wanted to do the two Arizona Badge Of Honor trails this weekend, I need to get to Desert Rat by Friday, so I can be ready for Saturday and Sunday. That meant today had to be a long day.

On one of my gas stops, I connected with a retired Jeep Gladiator owner who had a Harley-Davidson Street Glide on a trailer, and a 6 week old kennel puppy as a riding partner. Turns out he’s a retiree who’s keeping busy delivering kennel dogs to the kennel’s customers. On this day he also delivering his bike to the person he sold it too.

He decided it was time to move on from riding a Harley. Interesting person. Similar to me, I sold my Road Glide a few weeks ago, to focus on overlanding. I asked him a bunch of retirement questions, and he was happy to share his experiences and insight. He was going to Albuquerque too, so we had ourselves a mini convoy.

Interesting last couple hundred miles. I got to see a couple fairly big dust devils forming along the way. Luckily there were only a couple light, short rain showers. When I got to Desert Rat, they had my custom power loom waiting for me.

What a relief, now I just need to remove the cable that I hacked, and run the new cable to the battery. I’ll try to take care of that in the morning.