Day 6 – Broken Arrow and Schnebly Hill Trail

What a great ride today! A dozen or so Jeeps, very well organized, very friendly. Did Broken Arrow Trail first, and submitted a suggestion (through the app) to add as a BOH trail. It’s like a Blue trail at Rausch.

Next we did Schnebly Hill Trail, an easy BOH trail. Passed on Table Mesa Trail, since it’s really just a gravel road, so like a Green trail at Rausch. I might grab that BOH next year.

Weather was beautiful, so I took off the Freedom Panels to get some sun and fresh air. Note to self, get more sunblock and a hat…and put on my white arm shields. I ran to the nearest gas station to air up.

I hope to find a shop that can solder the AWG10 wires for me. I picked up some twist connectors but it’s important to get the best connection to ensure there’s no power issues. Maybe I’ll find a place today. Else I’ll need to do the wiring at the hotel tonight.

Here are some pictures.