Day 7 – Horseshoe Bend

Next spot is Hole In The Rock in Monticello, UT. But not before I get to see Horseshoe Bend. It’s been on my list, luckily it’s on my route.

It was as awesome as I thought it would be, and massive! The viewing area East very crowded. I heard someone mention seeing two kayakers. What kayakers? After squinting a bit, there they were! They looked like ants. On tiny kayaks.

There is a .7 mile walk from the road to the viewing area. It’s a downhill walk to get there, pretty easy, noticed three shaded rest spots. The walk back was up hill, and I rested at each rest spot. 🙂 if you go, being a bottle of water. Trust me.

Saw a few awesome Jeep Gladiators today. Seems like 40” and 4” lift is the favorite setup around here. Also saw some road side rock formations that are out of this world.

I finally found a campground with an open tent spot at Cannonville/Bryce County. One of the best KOA locations, each tent spot is covered in gravel, and raked smooth. Tent stakes held well. Here’s a shot, without and with night view mode.

Ok, time for to a good night’s sleep.