Day 8 – High Tailing To Moab

Got up early today, the route I took was recommended by a buddy. Lots of road side natural rock formations, a couple red rock tunnels, a salt wash view, and even Butch Cassidy’s childhood home. First stop was a local diner. They made a Western Omlette that few diners could hold a candle to.

A couple red rock tunnels, not as exciting as Needles Highway, SD, but nice view nonetheless.

I couldn’t help but stop in a few places, the natural rock formations were awesome.

I couldn’t take my eyes off this one. It had so many different patterns and textures.

I never heard the term Salt Wash, today I got to see one first hand.

I got here too late to hit NAPA, where I need two more things to be able to complete the ARB Dual Compressor wiring. If I weren’t moving every day, it would be done by now. On a side note, I smashed the accessory port plug on my Oracle tailgate light. Its a good thing I always keep a spare handy.

My first priority tomorrow is getting the danged compressor wiring done. Really.