Day 10 – Fins And Things

UPDATE: I changed the main picture. As it turns out, the fire was closer than I thought:

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in Utah says that winds picked up significantly on Thursday morning, and winds over 40 mph are expected throughout the rest of the day. As of the last update, the fire has grown to at least 400 acres and there is no containment.

Last year, when I went to Moab for the first time, Fins And Things was the first trail I tried. I was driving a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport S with a 2″ lift and 33″ tires. I don’t mind tell you you I had quite a number of pucker moments. I followed some others who were taking lines I didn’t understand, but that kept me out of trouble.

This year I’m in a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, stock except for a Warn VR EVO 10S. No lift, stock tires are 33″, but I had front/rear lockers, and they made a difference. I locked the rear when it looked like my back tires would spin up some 30+ degree climbs, and I locked front+rear when those climbs didn’t involve turning.

It was warm, the sky was mostly clear, except for a fire some miles away. Didn’t see many people on the trail, except for a bunch of tour RZRs, and three or four Jeeps.

PS, I’m happy to report the ARB Dual Compressor worked flawlessly. I’m glad I didn’t cut any corners, and did a proper wiring job.

I’m in Moab through Monday. I plan to do Hell’s Revenge tomorrow, and if I have enough time, Poison Spider. That would complete the three trails I did last year.

I plan to do a few other trails that I’ve never done before on Sat/Sun, and then head out to Colorado on Monday.