Day 11 addendum – WhistlinDiesel In Action

I spent a year preparing for my June 2021 cross country Jeep trip, with two goals.

First, grab as many BOHs that I can, starting in Arizona, then Utah, then Colorado. I had California on the list, but since my new Jeep hasn’t been lifted, has stock tires, and no armor, I scratched it off my list. I grabbed 1 badge in Arizona, the other badge wasn’t worth it (gravel road). Then I grabbed 1 badge in Utah (Steel Bender). I just got to Colorado where I plan to get 4 of 6 (the remaining 2 are too hard without mods). I now have 8 BOHs and I should be at 12 by the end of this week. Not too shabby.

Second, I had a bone to pick with Hell’s Gate, you know, the 45 degree descent/climb shaped like a vinyl record groove. I tried to do it last year, but I didn’t have at least 35s, and I didn’t have at least one locker. Well, today I was there with a Rubicon, and the spotters were fine with it since it has 33s and front/rear lockers. This was my year to finally conquer Hell’s Gate. Or so I thought.

Why this addendum?

To understand my frustration, you’ve got to understand the intersection of Darwin’s Law and Wheaton’s Law.

Take a guy (Cody Detwiler) who wrecks expensive vehicles and posts the carnage on YouTube (WhistlinDiesel), and you’ve got a Darwin Candidate just waiting for his number to be called. Maybe he’s doing it for profit, since you can make a couple bucks on YouTube. Maybe he’s a fiscally irresponsible trust fund kiddie? Is he just out of his fucking mind? Who knows.

Now imagine that Darwin Candidate coordinates with some buddies to destroy a truck on a famous and historical trail overseen by the United States Bureau Of Land Management (BLM). What do you have now? I’ll take “What is a violation of Wheaton’s Law for a dollar, Alex”…and likely a number of citations, fines, etc., from BLM and potential police involvement for reckless endangerment.

I don’t make it a habit of throwing people under the bus. I’m a firm believer of live and let live. But I’m making an exception now. I’m submitting a downloaded copy of this idiot’s video, along with my own video as evidence, along with a signed statement, to the BLM, so this asshat can get what he deserves.

Here is a URL to the video showing this idiot in action (if asshat hasn’t taken it down):

Front row seat to the “I’m a bigger asshat than ever” show.

Still wondering why the addendum? Let’s hope he enjoys someone fucking up his day, like he fucked up ours.

Day 11 – Hells Revenge

Today I latched on to a group of Californians riding five Jeeps through Hell’s Revenge. Here is one video that gives you an idea of the blast we had today!

Not quite Mickey’s Hot Tub, but a baby sized one. Nice and dry, no water or oil, so lots of traction. The pitch going in was 32 degrees, as steep as half a dozen other inclines we had to negotiate today.

Here are some pics of today’s Hell’s Revenge ride.

This weekend and Monday I plan to do Poison Spider, Top Of The World, and a couple others. if I’m not too tired when I get to the hotel, I’ll post more from today’s awesome ride!