Day 20 – Paisano Village RV Park & Inn

After two days of driving, I’m in Texas! I looked for a place to pitch a tent, and found Paisano Village RV Park & Inn, a few miles from the Big Bend National Park. I called and asked if there are any tent spaces available.

The owner asked me I was sure I wanted to sleep in a tent in 108 degree weather. To be honest, today is the 21st day of my vacation, and I’ve only pitched a tent a few times. Partly because it is 100+ degrees all over the West, and partly due to the fires in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

I asked her for the price, and the cost was reasonable, but I’m on a tight budget since my vacation is 30 days long. She was genuinely concerned about the temperature, so she put me on hold and came back with a lower price. It was still over my budget but health matters, so I took her up on the offer.

It’s rare to see such empathy and compassion these days. I’m sitting in a comfortable suite because someone cared. Not to be mushy, but thinking about it gets my eyes watery. The owner is an awesome person. I only talked to her over the phone, but what she did speaks volumes about what kind of person she is.

Guys, if you ever go to Texas to get Jeep’s “Black Gap 4×4 Trail” Badge Of Honor, think about staying here. And when you pick your route, go through the park, it’s just beautiful.