Day 22 – Black Gap 4×4 Trail

So today I was lost near the Texas/Mexico border, afraid of being eaten by vultures, or being kidnapped. Ok, maybe they were pigeons. They have to eat too you know. Not sure which would have been worse. AllTrails, you failed me!

A confession

Then two super heroines Heather and Joan (aka Thelma and Louise) saved my life. Ok, I lie, its a blog. 🙂 I was finishing up when they showed up at the trailhead, just after I created the above confession video. They were there to do the Black Gap 4×4 Trail and were kind enough to let me tag along.

They had an easy time navigating the trail. Ok. I’ll admit it. They kicked my ass on the trails. Their Jeeps were highly modified. Heather has a Sahara Unlimited (JKUS) with 35″ tires and a 4.5″ lift, and a bunch of other mods. Joan has a Gladiator Rubicon (JT) with a cargo bed top, 37s, a 3.5″ MetalCloak lift, modified steering, etc.

I ride a lowly Unlimited Rubicon (JLUR), totally stock, except for a winch, which is worthless in this terrain. I had to work hard to keep up, I took a lot of chances, but happy to say I only scraped my underbelly a couple times.

I felt like Peter Griffin in Family Guy.

After we finished, they went on The River Road, which is an even more awesome trail! I have lots of pics and videos, I’ll add a few here. I need to increase my WordPress plan to post them all.

After we finished both trails, we got gas, we said bye and I took off. I headed towards Bridgeport, TX to hit the next BOH on my list, Northwest OHV Park trail. Unfortunately I didn’t time things right (the trail is only open Friday through Sunday) and ended up continuing on to Hot Springs OHV park in Arkansas to grab three more BOHs.

It’ll take two days to get there, the first leg of the Arkansas trip was scary. By the time I got within 50 miles of Fort Worth, TX, it started raining, and hard I started to pass yellow Road May Flood signs, and then right after that sign, I saw the flood gauge signs. I must have passed a dozen or so areas with those signs. The first couple showed less than one foot of water, I drove slowly through the water. The next couple were at two feet.

Pulled this picture off of Google

I decided to back up to a higher area that didn’t show any debris on the road, this way I won’t get swept away to a gnarly death. After a few minutes a small truck pulling a small trailer drove through it like it was nothing. How humbling, how embarrassing. My Rubicon got one-upped by an old Toyota. Ok, maybe it was the driver. I digress.

I finally got to Fort Worth, got a cheap hotel room, and crashed for the night. Tomorrow, I’m off on the second leg of the trip to Arkansas.

More pics!