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Jericho Mountain OHV Trail (NH)

I was able to find a camp spot a few miles from Jericho Park. Nice place, platforms for tents, plenty of space to park your vehicle, for $28/night plus $5 for some firewood.

I practiced setting a fire before I left for my June month long trip. Practice makes perfect.

I’m getting faster at setting up the tent. Or maybe its the platform, with the loop bolts on the edges, that makes it easy to get things set up. I set up the fire first, since I knew it would start raining soon.

Once the fire was going, it was time to pitch the tent. I never pitched a tent on a wooden platform. Every campground that offered platforms gave you a gravel rectangle, so you had to drive stakes. I just needed to run the guylines to the loop bolts. Easy peasy.

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