Mopar 2 Inch Lift

Transitioning from moderate rock crawling to overlanding, I’ve come to terms with the need to have the most reliable and supported kit. Nothing is more comforting than traveling around the country, confident that I can go to any Jeep dealer for support.

Mopar made some improvements to their 2″ lift this year. The new redesign (77072395AE) includes 2.5″ Fox shocks, and coil springs that no longer bow. Those were two of the complaints folks had about previous designs. Of course I ordered the kit at my preferred dealer Jeff D’Ambrosio (Downingtown, PA). I had them do the install, and I had them add a Mopar stamped Fox steering stabilizer.

I was asked to take it for a test drive, brought it back for a minor adjustment, and it’s been awesome since! The lift sits higher than I expected, but after some research I now know why. The Rubicon model comes with a 1″ lift. The new 2″ lift is supposed to add to that height, even though the 1″ is removed, so at the end of the day it is actually a 3″ lift. Mine sits 3 3/8″ high with the new lift – that’s after comparing the old height (which includes the stock 1″ lift) to the new height.

The install tech told me it’ll settle down to around 3″ after driving it a while. I’m totally good with that, since I’m looking at Teraflex Nomad wheels (17×8.5) and BF Goodrich KO2 tires (315/70R17C) 35″ tires. That’s as high as I’ll go, since I will be overlanding more than rock climbing. The lift is perfect for this combination. I hope to have the tires/wheels upgraded before Spring 2022.

I did a quick walk around so I can show how the shocks, coils, and steering stabilizer look.

Two corrections. (1) Jeep gained 2 3/8″ (2) decided to go with Teraflex Nomad wheels.

I found a slightly used Goose Gear stealth platform. Apparently it was installed then removed when the owner decided to consolidate his funds into one of his two Jeeps. Lucky me, I should be picking it up on Sunday. More to come.

Whatever you do, don’t tell my Jeep that I was flirting with the new Hemi model.