Easter Jeep Safari 2022

Easter Jeep Safari (EJS) runs from April 9th through the 17th. Nine days of exciting trails and more! Early registration opened up today for members (non members have to wait another week). I logged in and picked from their (very complete) list of trail rides. I’ve been to Moab a few times, so I already have four of the Jeep Badges of Honor (BOH) for the area.

Most of the rides take half a day or less, though they do offer a three day ride. I passed on that one, since I want to get all the remaining BOHs. Pritchet Canyon is rated 9 of 10 so it’s off the list (no interest in gigantic tires and lift!). I can do the trails that are rated up to 7 of 10 (8 is sketchy). I wanted to do Elephant Hill, but the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are enforcing new restrictions, making it difficult to do. That’s OK, I’ve been there on my Harley.

This year I’m adding to the list:

The EJS registration web site was slow in the beginning, but after some of the earliest members finished registering it sped up I was able to pick my rides. They’re all rated 5/7 of 10.

There’s a shorter to-do list, heading to the EJS trip.

  • Cut a platorm to mount the fridge mount and my PLB40 battery to, so they’re secure, and have breathing room (not interested in drilling through my Goose Gear stealth platform!).
  • Mount my 50W solar panel to my iKamper lid (to charge a second battery).
  • Build a LiFePO4 battery box kit that the solar panel will charge (to power my non-fridge stuff).
  • Create a small power distribution box for the tent, so I can have light, and charge my iPhone (etc.).
  • Run some LED light strips and a dimmer along the roof of the RTT.
  • Mount my Baja Design lights to the winch/grille protector bar in front (using AUX switches under the hood).
  • Resist the urge to buy a 270 awning since its not needed for EJS…maybe for the Fall trip or 2023.

More to come once I start chopping away at the to-do list.