Apr 06 – CO…err…KS to UT

Today was supposed to be the final leg of the trip from PA to UT. #shakesfistatmothernature

Made up for lost time. 610 miles, 14.8 mpg. Got to camp just before 1900. It took 1 min to set up the roof top tent. #pffffff Yeah right. Stole that from every iKamper video on YouTube. More like 5 min when you consider the wiring I need to set up.

  • The Dometic hard wire kit that I was afraid to have permanently mounted in the tent, well, I wish it was permanently mounted in the tent.
  • The strip light plugs into an accessory port, and mister genius is regretting swapping out both accessory ports for PD/QC (USBC/USBA) ports on the hard wire kit.
  • Who would have thought I’d need an extension cord. Yea, to power my laptop, from the inverter to the laptop. A 15’ is perfect.

All three cables need to run into the roof top tent through a 1/2” opening in the rear passenger window, making sure the wires droop to prevent water from going into the Jeep if it rains. The roof top tent extends out over the rear passenger door, but ya never know. Torrential storms and all. #tongueincheek

Next mod is Main Line Overland hard wiring things into the tent. iKamper warranty be damned. I mean the iKamper base is rated to hold 900 pounds. So how would a little 2” hole hurt? These guys build, modify, and support the most incredible overland vehicles. Can’t wait to have that done, so I’ll be ready for my August vacation.