Apr 07 – Moab, UT (solo dry run Hell’s Revenge)

I woke up when the sun came up, loving the moonroof on this roof top tent. 35 degrees, but no wind so wasn’t bat. It’s going up to 65 today. After five days of driving, and two days to goof around, I had a well earned breakfast at the Moab Diner.

Stopped at GearHead Outdoors Store to get a 10L Specter water container (left the 20L behind since I’ll be with a group every day and camping at KOA nightly), a blanket (since my sleeping bag is way too warm) , and a laundry bag (because I forgot). My new favorite Moab store, they have free unlimited filtered water.

I decided to give Hell’s Revenge a go, wince I was getting bored. I love how Relive now offers 3D videos! The last mile or so is more eroded than last year, so I had to get out a bunch of times to minimize scraping.

Airing down from 35 to 15.
That’s a damned cliff!
That is a wall. no bypasses, wasn’t as hard as it looked.
The real Mickeys Bath Tub.