Apr 08 – Moab, UT (final prep)

Today was my rest day. I took a couple hours to clean and reorganize the cargo area. This included finally installing D-rings to the hard top mounting bolts so I could add a few more straps to keep stuff from bouncing around. And finally mounting the RAM Tough-Rack onto my dash so I can get the GoPro and Garmin Overlander mounted for tomorrow’s Hell’s Revenge ride (using C size ball mount).

I tried to get the Garmin DC35 camera mounted so I can see down in front while I’m climbing Hell’s Gate but that’s not a priority since I’ll be getting spotted. You read that right, after two years of trying and getting detailed, with luck I’ll finally get to do it this year! So yeah, GoPro is a must, front facing trail camera not so much.

Ok work is done, time for a rest day dinner. At tomorrow’s starting point.

Wait, scratch that, one more thing to do.