Apr 09 – Moab, UT (Hell’s Revenge)

38 vehicles, all but one (?) a Jeep. Aired down to 14 psi. CB mic check. GoPro mounted and ready. Freedom panels stowed and sunblock applied.

After two years of missed opportunities, I finally conquered the optional Hell’s Gate climb at Hell’sRevenge. The best way to describe the climb is think of a gigantic System Of A Down vinyl record groove at a 45 degree incline.

When I asked the tour guides for a spot, one of them, a professional spotter, bet me a doughnut that if I followed his instructions, I wouldn’t spin a wheel. Boy was he spot on. He led me through the perfect line. I’m down a doughnut!

The Staircase and The Car Wash were two more options we got today. I got a video of Staircase, but I dropped the ball on The Car Wash.

Tired and hungry, once I publish this blog I’m gonna shower and crash. Tomorrow is Top Of The World.