Apr 12 – Moab, UT (Gold Bar Rim)

It was a little windy (10-15) so I parked the Jeep so the iKamper shell is against the wind, and I attached the two hydronic strut brackets to brace the hard top against the wind.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, got a flash warning of 30-40 mph winds with gusts up to 60 lasting all night. Already feeling and hearing the wind. The tent seems to be handling it well.

Not worried about the tent failing, but iKamper rated their tents up to 23mph winds so not taking chances. I try to get out of the tent and there’s no ladder.

I mean the ladder is there. But the foot end of the folding platform of the tent was lifted by the wind, resulting in the foot of the latter swinging in towards the car.

I ended up crawling out the side window, very scary. I packed the iKamper to went to sleep in the Jeep.

By morning I saw it was snowing, so far a couple inches. Well I won’t go wheeling in the snow, too risky. Guess I’m going to Moab Diner for breakfast and find other things to do today.