Apr 13 – Moab, UT (Moab Rim)

Moab Rim is a sleeper. Never really heard of it. In fact there’s weren’t many hints that the trail is even used much. Apparently it’s a dangerous trail that has claimed lives, and therefore isn’t really discussed much. I mean, really, who ever even heard of Devil’s Crack?!

The first section of the trail seemed like a mix of Pritchett Canyon and Rubicon Trail. It’s rated 7 of 10, which makes it a hard trail. At the drivers meeting we were told “There’ll be some scraping.” Myea, I should be so lucky. #imawuss

Let’s talk spotters. Suffice it to say, with an experienced spotter, carnage can be minimized. With someone’s passenger trying to spot, not so much. The best intentions is no substitute for experience and capability. It didn’t take long to realize who not to allow to spot you. At the end of the day you’re responsible, accountable, and liable. So don’t be a wuss, just pick your spotters wisely. 🙂

I may have had the smallest tires (35s) and lift (2”), but I think I did well. There are no bypasses on Moab Rim. Dana (sponsor) was there with two Jeeps sporting Hemi engines, Dana60/80 axles, 40” tires, and what appeared to be dial reservoir shocks (etc.). It wasn’t a walk in the park for them either.

If you look at my Jeep you can’t tell it bounced off boulders today. I plan to get it on a lift and survey the damage when I get back, and likely upgrade the diff covers since I’m pretty sure they took a beating. Four more days of trails left. Having a blast.